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Slickwraps, unlike many of our competitors, is American owned and operated. Every product sent out by Slickwraps is made in America and we get as many materials as possible from local vendors. With state-of-the-art machinery and very tight quality control, we can ensure customers that every product they buy from us will be extremely high-quality and made in the U.S.A.


Slickwraps started as one idea and the desire to create something great. We began in a 200 square-foot basement, hand-addressing orders and working every day to improve our product and develop new ideas. While we’ve quickly grown into a worldwide operation, we haven’t forgotten who we are and how we got here. Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten that if we want to continue to thrive and grow, our customers must always come first. This dedication is what keeps us going, inspiring us to continue to create and provide the best product we possibly can!


We create // From design to production, packaging and shipping, we are hands-on with our work. Our goal is to provide customers with a product we’re proud to have created, and one they’re proud to own.

We innovate // We are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas that can set us apart from the rest. With in-house, custom designs and looks, for us, originality is always key.

We provide // At Slickwraps, offering a great product isn’t enough. Putting people first is our number one priority, and we strive to provide a positive customer experience that does just that!


Slickwraps was founded on a passion for technology, and the idea that with hard work and dedication, we could create something great! It’s our mission to continue this tradition, providing truly unique and innovative products. We are constantly working to create the highest-quality products for our customers and, above all, an unforgettable Slickwraps experience!


Dressed my baby up

- Bradley Larcher

Wood skin for iPhone 6 from Slickwraps. LUV!

- Fawaz

Tip top product, great service, and delivered to the other side of the ocean so, thumbs up and ordering a couple more. Cheers.

- Ricardo Campo Grande

Real Leather for my Nexus 6. LOVE!

- Gregg Vanderhoff